Aloevera Fibrous Juice



Aloe-Vera has different names in different languages and is found almost in all parts of the world.
English – Aloe-Vera
Marathi – कोरफड
Sanskrit – कुमारी
Hindi – कुवार
Aloe Vera fibrous juice is naturally rich in active components such as Polysaccharides, Vitamins,
Minerals, Enzymes, Fibers and Amino acids.

Nutritional Benefits of Drinking Aloe Vera Fibrous juice
 Enhancing Immunity
 Reducing Hyperacidity and peptic ulcers
 Promoting Healthy Digestion
 Helpful in constipation and piles
 Skin ailments and hair fall
 Blood purification and detoxification
 Diabetes
 Weight loss

Indus Aloe Vera Fibrous juice is:
 Palatable in Taste
 Hygienically Processed and Packed
 Cater directly to Customer

Shelf Life
 18 Months from the month of manufacture

 Store in cool and dry place
 Refrigerate after opening
 Consume within 4 weeks once opened

Directions for Drinking:
 Shake well before use
 Take 30ml Juice twice a day

Overall Amla juice is good and natural health enhancer for better life