Digestive Juice


Digestive Juice

About Digestive Juice
Digestive juice is a mixture of vital ingredients which are helpful in secretion of digestive enzymes from
stomach due to which it helps in the digestion and metabolism of food process.

Ajwain, Ginger, saunf(Anise), Mint(pudina), Ambe halad(Turmeric), Lemon(nimbu), Asafetida (hing),
cumin seed (jeera), coriander seed(dhana) Dry mango powder( amchur), amla (Indian gooseberry),
kalimiri (black pepper), saindhava(rock salt).

How does Digestive juice works
The rich cocktail of nutritional herbs whose combined action and balance produces a more powerful
effect than would be expected from i􀋣􀋢 individual components. This is because they work as a team,
enhancing each other effects known as synergism. It also has adaptogenic properties, means that
different individuals take from in what they need; therefore the benefits vary from person to person.

Nutritional Benefits of drinking digestive juice:
 Helps in stimulating stomach secretions.
 Helps in digestion.
 Helps in metabolism
 Helps in assimilation of food.

Shelf Life: 18 months from the month of manufacture

 Store in cool and dry place
 Refrigerate after opening
 Consume within 4 weeks once opened

Direction for drinking
 Shake well before use
 Take 30 ml juice – 30 min after meal as digestive
 As a masala drink: take 100ml conc. Juice and dilute with 100ml chilled water.

Overall Digestive juice is good and natural health enhancer for better life