Slimoni Juice


This Juice is mixture of vital fruits and herbs all acting synergistically thereby increasing metabolism, stamina, energy and reducing the stubborn unhealthy fat.

How does it work?
The rich cocktail of these fruits, herbs whose combined action and balance produce a more powerful effect together,than would be expected from the addition of individual components. This is because they work as a team, enhancing each other effects known as SYNERGISM
Ingredients : Garcinia Cambogia, Cumin seeds, Green Coffee Beans, African Mango, Ginger, Raspberry ketones, Ashwagandha, Green Tea, Kalimiri, Triphala, Bala, Gugul, Vitamin E and Vitamin C.
Nutritional Contents: Vitamins, Nutrients, Proteins, Minerals, Enzymes, Amino Acids, Antioxidants

Slimoni Juice may help in:
• Weight Loss by Burning Fat
• Maintains cholesterol and Lipids at healthy levels
• Controls your craving over food.
• Reducing Binge Eating
• Suitable for all ages
• Do not use in pregnancy.
Shelf Life
• 18 months from month of manufacture in sealed condition.
• Store in cool and dry place
• Refrigerate after opening
• Consume within 4 weeks once opened
Directions for Drinking
• Shake well before use
• Take 30 ml Slimoni juice twice a day
Overall Slimoni Juice acts as a natural health enhancer for better life.