Tulsi Juice


Tulsi Juice

About Tulsi:
Tulsi is a small plant, sub-shrub which has multiple uses. Tulsi has a lot of religious significance and is
household plant in India. Since ancient time Tulsi has been used as household remedies. As on today
Tulsi is part of several formulations. Tulsi enhance immunity and metabolic functions. Also, it is very
useful in the management of respiratory problems.

Contents of Tulsi:
Krishna Tulsi contains eugenol, nerol, pinene and carvacrol. Also contains Ursolic acid, Apigenin, Luteolin
and Orientin.

Nutritional benefits of drinking Tulsi Juice
 Has antioxidant properties
 Useful in cough, common colds, asthma
 Reduces blood glucose level
 Reduces total cholesterol levels
 Helps in building stamina
 Useful in gastritic disorders
 Used a􀋢 hand wash
 for reducing tooth ache
 Have immune-modulatory properties.

Shelf life: 18 months from month of manufacture

 Store in cool and dry place
 Refrigerate after opening
 Consume within 4 weeks once opened

Direction for drinking
 Shake well before use
 Take 15 to 30 ml Tulsi juice twice a day

Overall Tulsi juice is good and natural health enhancer for better life